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Accidental Epicurean is about stumbling upon the good life. Sometimes with careful intention and sometimes completely by chance. Its founder is from  a small town in America where life was rather simple growing up – but in having the experience of living in multiple, large international cities, she has cultivated a knowledge and aesthetic centered around enjoying life, discovering its curiosities and learning all along the way. Accidental Epicurean hopes that you will join us on this journey.

Accidental Epicurean will bring you both simple delights and refined pleasures – the common thread being enjoyment without unnecessary pretense. From eating fried chicken on the streets of Bangkok to a Moet champagne brunch at a 5-star luxury hotel in Singapore…from a charming 20-room guesthouse in Cambodia to a sophisticated, luxury spa / resort in Bali…from a splurge-worthy golf-leaf facial to the best $7USD massage in Bangkok. Accidental Epicurean will bring you the finer things in life…regardless of cost, but mindful of value – only recommending experiences that are worth the valuable investment of your time and energy.

Today, Accidental Epicurean focuses on life, dining, experiences and travel in Asia.  As Accidental Epicurean grows it will tap our most knowledgeable and well-heeled friends in the US and Europe to bring you the same great information from other desirable destinations. However, regardless of locale, Accidental Epicurean will endeavor to bring you knowledge, insights, tips and tidbits that will be of interest to anyone, anywhere – we believe  if it is worth doing, one might as well do it well.

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