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Japanese ingenuity and creativity is always surprising. And most usually because it takes common things and presents them in creative new formats. Take these sushi suitcase covers or reverse eggs where the yellow is on the outside or even wine for cats. Japan’s latest evil genius food innovation is… wait for it… sliced chocolate. Imagine the processed cheese slices that come individually wrapped for use on sandwiches. Now imagine if those were chocolate. Well that’s what the food company Bourbon has created.

I immediately thought about transforming the traditional PB&J (Peanut Butter and Jelly) to a PBC. But then I wondered… well what else would you do with this? Top ice cream? Make a cookie sandwich? Well based on the ideas the manufacturer suggests, my thinking was quite limited. Check out the suggested uses for this.



And if the ideas above didn’t capture your imagination – what about instant chocolate covered fruits?!?!?



Or banana rollups, plain or crispy fried. Sigh…




Just another brilliant Japanese innovation that we now all MUST have!

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