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As we maintain here at AE, sometimes the best meal isn’t the most expensive. In fact, in Asia, some of the best local food is on the street or in places that might look a bit dodgy to visitors. Enter Yang’s Fry Dumplings. Yang’s is a Shanghai icon for dumplings much like In-and-Out is an icon for burgers in Los Angeles. It’s Chinese fast food, but sinfully delicious and irreplaceable on the overall landscape of Chinese food.

Yang’s has a few things on their menu, but there’s really only one thing you should care about which is the fried pork dumplings-  shēngjiān (生煎; fried dumplings). These juicy pork filled dumplings, coated with sesame seed and scallions, are made to order. Stand in line with the locals and watch the “chef” expertly angle the massively large pan to get the right amount of golden fried goodness on the bottom. 

The queues can be long but it’s worth it. Not only are they amazingly tasty (hence the queue), they are probably the best value eats in Shanghai at 6 RMB ($0.94 USD) for 4 dumplings. Beware of spurting juices as you bite into these tasty morsels. And try dipping them in some chili paste or soy sauce. 

There are many locations, probably the most central being the one in the shopping district on Nanjing Road. Just look for the bright pink signage and the queue. It’s not much to look it, but remember, you came here for Shanghai’s best pan fried pork dumplings, not the view. 


Yang’s Fry Dumplings
54-60 Wujiang Lu, near Nanjing Xi Lu
吴江路54-60号, 近南京西路

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