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Ever feel like wine can take on a slightly snobby air? Meaning if you don’t do something right or don’t know the exact terminology or pronunciation of a wine vocabulary word that you might be judged? I think a lot of people feel this way and sometimes this is what holds people back from experimenting and really digging into the subject of wine. I know I used to feel a bit sheepish and shy when ordering wine in a restaurant… am I supposed to sniff the cork? What’s this swirling in the glass business all about? Wine is part of any serious foodie’s repertoire, so this was a natural extension for me as I explored my passion for food. Maybe you would like to learn more about wine too? 

Well, over the years I did learn about wine. And I am studying for a professional qualification – WSET, or Wine Spirits Education Trust (based in London), offers a globally recognized sommelier diploma. I have been working my way through this program for 2 years and I will be finished in June 2015, attaining the distinction of a diploma in wine. 

In my studies I saw a need for a simpler approach to wine… demystifying it, making it more approachable and even fun. So I decided to create a series of videos called “Wine Time with Joanna Hutchins” to share some tips in simple terms and try to help people enhance their understanding and enjoyment of wine.

This is my first video in the Wine Time series, hope you enjoy. I will release one per week, so please return for the upcoming episodes.  


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