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Freshness Burger, a well known burger restaurant chain in Japan, had a business problem – their biggest and most iconic burger was bought mostly by men. Why? Consumer research revealed that women did not buy it because they were deeply concerned about “burger face shame.”

Snarfing a massive hamburger the size of one’s head is certainly not attractive for either the male or female gender, but in Japan, it is actually culturally scandalous. The concept of “ochobo”” – a small, delicate mouth – prevented women from eating large food items. While you might not have dined with a great deal of Japanese women, certainly you have noticed that even when they laugh, they cover their mouths with their hands. So was Freshness Burger to be forever limited in their sales of burgers to women?

No, instead they invented an ingenious wrapper, called the “Liberation Wrapper,” for women to eat the burger with their mouth hidden. See the video for the really incredible story. I am as equally impressed as a food lover and as someone who does marketing for a living!

I can think of loads of fun ways to repurpose this.. for Halloween, for kids food, etc. Leave it to the Japanese to once again solve problems through clever kawaii.

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