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what to know when buying organic or biodynamic wine

You may have been hearing more and more about organic and biodynamic wines. And you might be wondering, like many, what is the difference? Is it worth the premium? How many chemicals are really in regular wine anyway? Is this just a marketing gimmick?

Some studies have shown that there can be up to 250 different kinds of chemicals in an ordinary bottle of wine. Some of these are the chemicals used in larger batch winemaking, e.g. sulfur dioxide, which is used to reduce the oxidation as when grapes are machine picked they are often damaged and exposed to air. And some chemicals are the more virulent kind like pesticides which keep birds and insects from eating the grapes.

Should you be alarmed? Maybe…  If you are considering to make the switch or just want to learn more about organic and biodynamic wines, there are 5 key things to know. Read my latest article on Chubby Hubby to learn more about it.

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