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I was flattered when the travel website Hotels Cheap contacted me to be featured in an interview series on successful bloggers. I thought I would share with you so you can understand a bit more about who I am, why I do what I do and my point of view on travel.

Here is an excerpt of the interview, but you can click here to read more.

The key to having travel experiences that are authentic and high quality is networking, says blogger Joanna Hutchins of Accidental Epicurean. “The very first thing to do is find out if anyone you are remotely connected to has lived or does live there,” she says. “It is the local knowledge that takes a trip from good to great.”

Don’t be shy about it either, she adds. If the culture permits, ask the locals. One of the most memorable experiences Joanna has had was going to an amiyaki outside of Tokyo and preparing her own live abalone at a hibachi grill at the table consisting of empty wooden sake crates. She never would have found this if not for a friend of a friend of a friend who she called out of the blue who was generous enough to take her around for the day.

Joanna has traveled around the world and currently blogs from Shanghai, China. Here she offers advice on how to find the best meals and how to create the memorable travel experiences whether you have an unlimited budget or are pinching pennies.  Read more…

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