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pigs dive and swim in china

You may be familiar with the expression “when pigs fly” as an expression of incredulity. It might as well be stated as “when pigs swim” because these are certainly things that pigs don’t do. Right? Well, not in China.

In Baoding, Hebei Province within China there are pig farmers that exercise their pigs 2 times a day by platform diving and swimming. At the Changxin Black Pig Breeding Company the farmers herd their black pigs to a 3 meter-high platform, from which the pigs dive. They then swim for 90 minutes before getting out of the water.

This 3 hour daily diving and swimming ritual is said to improve the quality of the meat.  According to the company, this daily exercise ritual is good for pigs in terms of boosting immunity, increasing their appetite and accelerating growth – which ultimately produces a leaner and better meat quality. Also the company says because of the obvious difference in quality they can sell the pigs at 3x the price of ordinary pigs.

When asked if the pigs enjoy it, a spokesperson said the company is not really sure if they enjoy it, but they seem not to mind.

When pigs swim! In China…

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