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Wine is complicated. There’s no getting around it. I have been studying wine formally now for 2 years and have about 2 years left before I earn my degree. I really had no idea I would learn as much about farming and agriculture as I would learn about the wine itself. But it’s only because I am insanely curious about wine…the average drinker doesn’t need to know the mineral content in the soil in a particular vineyard in Burgundy.

And I do find it annoying when people make wine into this “thing” that can only be appreciated with deep, deep knowledge. The best wine is the wine you like to drink. That said, without basic knowledge, it can be hard to find the type of wine you might like when scanning an endless store shelf. I came across this very cool wine infographic on that was developed for and thought it was worth sharing.

Happy drinking!

(If on a phone or tablet, just zoom in….if on a computer, click on the hot link above to get to the larger sized, original content.)



beginner's guide to wine

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