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Are you like me? Do you crave to be home, because you are always on the road…only to get jumpy after a week or so and book a trip for a getaway?  I can’t get enough – there’s always something new to experience, a new local dish to eat, a market or bazaar to shop for local goods in…and while home is my oasis, the lure of the unknown and not yet experienced is magnetically attractive.

Are you a travel addict? If you have any of these 10 characteristics, like me, you might just be…

1) All your toiletries live in mini travel bottles.

2) You know every possible route to the airport to avoid traffic – and every possible traffic scenario depending on the time of day and the day of the week.

3) When you stay at a friend’s house, you are caught off guard when there is no turn down service.

4) You know your passport number, expiry dates and frequent flier numbers by heart (but somehow you still struggle to remember birthdays and anniversaries).

5) Your friends or family launch a loyalty program – for every night you stay at home you earn points.

6) At any given time, you have +3 currencies in your wallet, but somehow never the one you need at this moment.

7) You haven’t done laundry in weeks (or months) – yet you have no dirty clothes thanks to the hotel laundry fairy.

8) You can say hello, goodbye, thank you and negotiate prices in more than 5 languages, yet are fluent in none of them.

9) You are annoyed when at home that the bedsheets aren’t crisp and freshly pressed.

10) You know all the flight fare codes, which can upgrade and how to rebook better than the ticket agent at the airport.


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