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The longer I am in Asia, the more I enjoy the Japanese sense of humour. It is often quirky, a little left of center…but yet also always a bit cute and kawaii.

What is kawaii, you ask? Kawaii is the Japanese word for sweet, cute, adorable (pronounced like the US state of Hawaii). And the Japanese kick everyone’s ass worldwide when it comes to cute – seriously, no one does it better, read about it here! I think to fully enjoy kawaii you just have to suspend all your rational adult thinking, but we should all do that more often anyway.

So when I saw this the first time it made me giggle. Cats! As Sushi!!!  Then I decided to keep it on my desktop. And I looked at it when I needed a laugh. It never failed to make me smile. I hope you will enjoy this purr-fect sushi presentation as much as I did


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