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As summer comes to a close, I am relishing its last tastes….BBQ, cold beer on a hot day and delicious fruity desserts like sorbet. Actually, I don’t indulge in desserts much. It’s not that I don’t have a hearty sweet tooth (I do), I am just very careful about calories and frankly I would rather spend them on savory things like cheese and such. This food writing business can be a challenge for the waistline so something had to give, and in my case it was dessert. That is, until I went to a spa and had some amazing tasting and amazingly simple fruit sorbets. When they told me it was simply fruit and nothing else, I was shocked. How was this magically simple yet delicious dessert concocted?

Some research revealed it is in fact stupidly simple. As an accomplished cook I, in fact, felt a bit embarrased I had never tried this before. Have a look at an easy 1-ingredient sorbet recipe below:

  • Choose a fruit*
  • Freeze it (best if you peel and cut into slices and freeze the pieces individually, not touching on a baking sheet)
  • Take all the bits and put in a food processor, blend until you reach the desired texture (you can also use a good blender)
  • Serve immediately

* Meaty fruits like mango, pineapple and banana work best, but you can also use end of season berries. Also experiement with fruit combinations for more sophisticated flavor profiles in your sorbet desserts. I like to serve with some fancy cookies stuck in jauntily or individually wrapped chocolates to dress it up a bit. An unexpected serving dish is also nice, for example a martini glass. Also a sprig of fresh mint is always elegant.

So there you have it, mind blowingly simple 1-ingredient fresh fruit sorbet recipe. Healthy and easy, doesn’t get much better than this.

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