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Chubby Hubby was long one of my favorite “go to” food blogs. The founder of Chubby Hubby, Singapore-based Aun Koh, is known worldwide for his award winning food blog and I even remember seeing him on an episode of Top Chef when it visited Singapore.  (yes, I am a self-professed food geek). So I was delighted when Aun restructured Chubby Hubby to make it a blog of contributors, of which I am one. It’s a great assortment of experts and bloggers that now write for Chubby Hubby and I strongly encourage you to check it out.

Please check out my latest article – “A Beer Lover’s Guide to Shanghai”  – where if you love brew, and microbrews in particular, you will find the best places to hit up when in Shanghai.

Happy reading.

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