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We were all sitting around the other night in a restaurant in Shanghai discussing food that is popular in China but repulsive to most Westerners. Things like chicken feet, sea cucumber, shark’s fin, etc. It’s not that we are a bunch of fussy expats that stick to Western meals…not at all! But there are some true cultural differences when it comes to regional tastes. Even in the US…I grew up in the south and love grits. In NYC where I also lived for a long time, I made sure to keep my burning love and desire for grits on the down low. It was in fact my dirty, little, regional food secret because most NYers thought grits were the very definition of disgusting. And so every man’s (culinary) trash is another man’s (culinary) treasure, so to speak. This is why I found this Catherine Tate Show clip of an English couple discussing gazpacho so hilarious! A bit of foodie humour (and English humour as well), check it out.

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