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I am softie when it comes to animals. My usual polished composure melts when I see a cool cat or a cute dog. And now is the time of year for animals in Halloween costumes. It’s like cute squared!  Dogs take to it better than cats (which tend to either resist or take on a resigned pitiful look). In fact, a good friend of mine has a dog that literally gets excited when the clothing box comes off the shelf.

You might wonder what this has to do with things epicurean? Well, there are some amazingly creative food themed costumes.  Check it out…

(photo courtesy of Matt Stratton)

Hot Dogs are very, very popular….not epicurean per se, but who can question a classic?

(courtesy of Robyn Lee)

(courtesy of Maggie Hoffman)

Strangely, also popular is the dog as a ‘bunch of grapes.’  I suspect this one is popular due to ease of creation….balloons and construction paper seem to be the only required materials. Well, those and a patient dog.

(photo courtesy of Melly Kay)

Then there are the true foodie costumes. I imagine these people that design these costumes are really into food or their dogs. Maybe both. Maybe too much….

Dog as Picnic

(photo courtesy of Matt Stratton)

Dog as Chinese Takeout

Dog as a Fish Taco

(photo courtesy of Maggie Hoffman)

And last but not least, a kitty dressed as a chicken. OK, technically this might be considered just an animal dressed as another animal, but I am going to include with the argument that it is food at a different stage (alive).


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