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If you have an iPad and are a foodie, you must check these out

Here at Accidental Epicurean, we not only eat, we also cook. While I have an enormous collection of cookbooks, lately I find myself using my iPad to source new menu and recipe ideas. Plus, I find it super convenient to carry the iPad to the supermarket to shop – saves me the time of making a physical list with pen and paper. Plus there are lots of good tips in all these – not only about recipe ideas, but also about technique. I have learned a few good tips along the way. Today my iPad is as indispensible in the kitchen as my favourite sauce pan.

1) How to Cook Everything, Mark Bittman
This hard copy book is a modern culinary bible – every possible preparation of every possible ingredient is covered, alongside detailed illustrations of techniques and processes. Now it is on the iPad. For $9.99 (must cheaper than the book actually). There are +1000 recipes on the app, so the content is still quite deep. This is my favourite go-to app – in fact, it alone is the most used app bar none on my iPad.

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2) Gourmet Magazine for iPad
For those of you who were crestfallen, like me, when Gourmet magazine ceased publication, you will be delighted to know it has been resurrected for iPad. It comes in 5 languages for our international friends and the content is divided into sections like SuperFavorite, Pasta, Kemp’s Eco Friendly Kitchen, Coffee Craving for those who like to cook with espresso….and each section is $0.99 containing 7 recipes each.

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3) Food Blogroll for iPad
This ingenious app aggregates the top 25 food blogs in one place for easy browsing. You can also add your favourites, like Accidental Epicurean 😉 This is a must have for any self respecting foodie. Plus you can share any articles you like via a direct link to twitter. And it’s only $0.99!

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4)  Weber’s On the Grill for iPad
Now’s the time of the year where this app really makes sense. That is unless you live in the tropics year round in which case it will provide for year-round barbecuing fun. Not only are there 250 ingenious recipes as well as 40 recipes for marinades and rubs, but there are also lots of techniques that will take your grilling to the next level.No more dried out chicken or unevenly cooked burgers. Additional features allow you to tag recipes or even email to friends, for only $4.99.

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5)  Epicurious for iPad
If you liked the iPhone app your will love the iPad app. You can search for recipes by ingredient, making the most of what’s in your fridge, or even by meal type, e.g. cocktails, weeknight dinners, etc. There’s also nutrition information, shopping lists and detailed instructions including photos which are extremely helpful for reference when you are in the kitchen. Save your favourites in the recipe box or share with direct links to facebook or twitter. What’s more, this app is FREE, yes FREE.

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With the help of these apps you’ll be inspired to take your cooking to the next level. And it’s just so easy. You don’t carry your cookbooks to work, but you probably carry your iPad – so solve the “what’s for dinner” dilemma in a jiffy. Or be inspired by the experiences of food bloggers. Or confidently host a rocking barbecue. The tools are just a touch away.

Any favourite apps you want to share with us?

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