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An endless array of kitchen stuffs for the commercial and home chef alike

If you have even a passing interest in cooking as a home chef, you will want to make a special trip to Kappabashi Dori. You can buy everything here from plastic fake sushi for window displays to bulk ingredients and spices to glassware and ceramics to stock pots for home use (and some the size of small cars) to cash registers to kitchen sinks. Shopping here was an experience on so many levels. I learned a bit about Japanese food preparation, saw every conceivable tool for every conceivable kitchen task and learned in broken English about different styles of Japanese ceramic design.

To get to Kappabashi Dori is easy – just take the Tokyo Metro’s Ginza line to the Asakusa Station and you will see signs for Kappabashi Dori. It is one, long main street with stores lined up on either side. While most shopkeepers don’t have a massive command of English, they see enough foreigners to know enough to get by, so shopping is easy.

Example of typical ceramics store in Kappabashi Dori


Shopping and entertainment collide on Kappabashi Dori. I have never seen so many specific items – ever wonder where one purchases those fake plastic food displays commonly seen outside every Japanese restaurant in Tokyo? Well, it’s available at Kappabashi Dori.

Fake Beer and Sushi at Kappabashi Dori

What about those ubiquitous trays used to hand over cash (because exchanging money from hand to hand is not done)? Here also. Placemats and linen napkins – check! Large serving bowls and tiny ramekins for soy sauce in lovely Japanese ceramics – check! Beautiful and functional wooden spoons aplenty. Japanese square omelette pans – yes! Handheld blenders and small appliances, well of course. And so on and so on…I cannot begin to describe the vast array of kitchen / dining stuffs. I even saw a knight’s costume – presumably for the Japanese Medieval Times style restaurant?

They even have fake KFC buckets???

Japanese fake KFC bucket


Kappabashi Dori is a must do for foodies visiting or living in Japan. Run don’t walk and make sure you have plenty of time to browse the countless stores. Happy shopping


Tokyo Kappabashi Dougu Street
3-18-2, Matsugaya, Taito-ku
Tokyo 111-0036, Japan

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