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When a friend told us about this fantastic discount website, we were hooked!

I know not everyone is addicted to travel as we are. But I don’t know anyone who doesn’t get that little buzz from getting a deal, especially on travel. My friend Tracy (who’s also a travel fanatic) told me about the site where they have limited time “sales” on really high-end destinations – usually resorts, spas, villas, tennis camps, surf camps and the like. Basically, all you have you just have to sign up and then every week you get an email on what destination is on sale. Sales are limited in duration, usually 4-6 days, and offer discounts on a destination for a certain period of time. For example one of the upcoming sales is for Hotel Plaza Athenee in New York City in the months of November and December. I have seen destinations from Madrid to Miami, Bali to Berlin, California to Costa Rica, Philippines to Paris, New York to Nevis, Thailand to The Bahamas…you get the point. We thought this was special enough to share with you – enjoy!

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