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Hey Yall,
Thought I’d write about something a bit different for ya today. Was resting up this Sunday thinking about my upcoming Christmas visit to see my family in the Texas. I only have around a week, which for my town is actually perfect…. there’s not much going on

But I do have some foods I grew up eating that have been on my mind recently. Mexican food and Bar B Que in particular are just not done to my standards here in Asia (with one noted exception I’ll be writing about shortly). So these are the foods I load up on when I go home for a visit. This trip back home I’ll start every day off with a La Popular breakfast burrito.

I love these guys. I think I started eating these burritos towards the end of high school. Someone would go in the mornings and order a bunch of them and bring them around school for people. I liked them, but the original store was all the way on the north side of town (as if Abilene is that massive). Then they opened up a branch nearer to my home on South 14th. They kept things simple for the new store. Same grungy aesthetic of the original with a tiny interior. It’s not a place to sit and enjoy… you pick it up on your way out to work or wherever.

It became a regular morning stop then as it was on the way to school. Now I’m long out of school, but I’ll still swing out and pick up two Carne Guisadas and a Sweet Tea. Perfection. What a way to start a day 😀

I know these things would be a hit over here in Asia. Maybe one day I’ll open up a street truck or something selling these bad boys.

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