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I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to venture out for a meal in East Coast Park. Maybe it’s because an area with a “skate through” McDonalds (that’s right there’s actually a separate line for roller bladers here) just doesn’t seem like my kind of place. East Coast Park, however, does have a unique vibe and is worth visiting from time to time for a break from the usual expat-heavy city hot spots. And when you do visit the place to stop off at is Coast, the restaurant concept for 1 Twenty Six (of the Rochester Group).

The restaurant is tucked to the side in a serene garden setting just apart from the noisy ice cream shops and skate rental locations.

The area is large and modern looking… a perfect mix of outdoor furniture and foliage… all with a view of the nearby sea. 1 Twenty Six as a whole is more of an entertainment area… serving drinks, live music, and al fresco lounging.

The food comes from Coast. The menu features heavily on light seafood platters that compliment the location and ambiance. Joanna and I were invited to sample the Communal Menu, a unique dining option at 70 SGD per person. Personally I like these mixed buffet, a la carte kind of menus. They’re great in groups and this is the first one I’ve experienced for two, but they managed to vary it up enough to be interesting and also provide a pretty stunning value.

The meal starts off with the Nibble Platter. A massive assortment of seafood and dips.

Highlights for us were (as always) the soft shell crab with chili mayo.

Steamed Vongole clams with garlic and herb crumb.

And potato skins with sour cream and ocean trout caviar.

After that epic “nibble” came the mains. I opted for a seared tuna loin with bell pepper marmalade, crushed potatoes, and tomato coulis. A good dish. I’m actually not the biggest fan of tomato sauces and bell peppers (unlike Joanna), but I’m in the process of growing my appreciation of these flavors by ordering them more (over cream sauces

). This one was solid – the tomatoes weren’t too overpowering and the bell peppers were nicely tamed so as to actually meld with the other flavors on the plate.

Joanna went with the grilled cod fillet with fennel and blood orange salad served with Beaujolais sauce. Fish was perfectly executed. Joanna’s still not down with the fennel completely which left more for me. It was served just how I love it – slightly cooked and caramelized cutting down the anisette flavor somewhat and opening up new flavor profiles.

The mains are also complimented by three communal sides – herbed leaf salad, brocoline with garlic and ginger, and french fries with sea salt.

To close came the Grande Assiette, a selection of petite sized desserts to share. It was massive, with something for everyone on the plate… chocolate, creams, souffle, and more!

The Communal Menu is a feast, and yet oddly I didn’t leave feeling stuffed. It was nice going a bit before sunset when the restaurant was just opening up and dining indoors in the air con room with floor to ceiling windows overlooking the ocean. As the meal progressed the sun set, restaurant filled up, and a talented acoustic cover band started as desserts were served. We left satisfied with the meal and feeling a bit refreshed from the normal Singapore city life. It’s easy for us Ang Moh’s to forget that there’s an East and West and a North to the city offering different vibes, energies, and experiences. When I need to escape Chinatown/Club Street again I’ll be sure to stop by again and chill with a group near the ocean.

Coast @ 1 Twenty Six
902 East Coast Parkway, #01-26
Playground @ Big Splash (Be sure to tell the taxis Big Splash or they won’t know where to go)
Singapore 449874
Tel : 6348-2126

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