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It’s always an adventure ordering food in Asia, even in 5-star hotels

I am in Jakarta at the moment, staying at the posh Ritz Carlton hotel and I just couldn’t resist sharing with you an admittedly mundane but seriously amusing experience I had this morning when ordering room service.

Room Service: Good morning, Ms. Hutchins, how may I help you?

Me: I would like to order breakfast. The “bowl of berries” and “natural yogurt” with a “cappuccino”.

Room Service: What do you mean berries?

Me: You know….berries…strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries..

Room Service: We don’t have berries.

Me: Are you sure? It is on your menu.

Room Service: Is it?

Me: It is. Page 3.

Room Service: Sorry madam. We don’t have berries.

Me: Are you quite sure? Because berries are also listed on page 7 with the smoothies. In fact, you offer a fresh berry smoothie with strawberries and blueberries. And then on pg 14 you have tarts with berries. I am guessing you have berries in the kitchen, no?

Room Service: No.

Me: Can you please check again, starting with Page 3 where a “bowl of berries” is listed for 60,000 rupiah.

Room Service: One moment.

Me: Of course. (3-5 minutes elapse)

Room Service: We only have blueberries. But they are not blue. They are purple.

Me: I will take the purple blueberries.

Room Service: Your order will arrive within 30 minutes. Thank you for staying at the Ritz Carlton Jakarta.


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