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A luxurious spa experience in Shanghai

It may seem that I do little else but spa when I am in Shanghai. This is not entirely true… but I tend to spend a great deal of time there for business, which can be stressful, so I like to make unwinding a regular part of my Shanghai routine. When I am in Shanghai I usually stay at the Westin on the Bund or the Ritz Carlton Portman, which lucky for me, both have access to great places for massage. When at the Ritz I pop over to Green Massage. And then when at the Westin, I take the elevator up to the 3rd floor to the on-site Banyan Tree Spa.

The Banyan Tree Spa at the Westin is a study in opulent Chinese luxury. As soon as you step into the candlelit red and black lacquer environs, you feel well away from the hustle and bustle of the hotel and the city. I usually go for a massage of which there are many kinds – Balinese, Sport, Lomi Lomi, Swedish, Oriental and Hot Stone for 850RMB (S$170 / $125 USD). While these are certainly not the great value massages I have previously recommended at Green Massage or Dragonfly the experience is worth the splurge. The booking is for a leisurely 90 minutes, while the treatment itself is 60 minutes long. In the remaining 30 minutes you relax during a foot bath before and a relaxation period after before emerging into the real world. And the therapists are truly skilled at transporting the body into a state of relaxation. Usually I feel as if I need to be poured from the table in order to leave 😉

Also, I can recommend the manicures and pedicures at the Banyan Tree. Both thorough and luxurious, these will leave you both relaxed and prettier. They also offer facials and hair treatments, but I cannot really comment on these as I have not experienced them myself. And as you know at Accidental Epicurean, we make it a habit to only write about things we have personally experienced.

So check out the Banyan Tree Spa at The Westin Bund Center Hotel and treat yourself to some the indulgence and relaxation one needs while in the fast past city of Shanghai.

The Westin Bund Center – Banyan Tree Spa
Bund Center, 88 Henan Central Road
Shanghai, China 200002
Phone: +86 21 6335 1888

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