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I love breakfast and brunch. Some of my favorite foods of all times are breakfast dishes (or at least feature an egg somewhere). I’ve often dreamed of finishing culinary school and opening up a breakfast place… the only thing holding me back being a strong desire to sleep in and the raw talent required
Wild Honey is an all day breakfast place and honestly is almost exactly the place I’ve imagined opening… with some great breakfast foods I hadn’t even thought of.

I would say the only thing that’s not perfect about the place is the location. Wild Honey is, like so many things in Singapore, sadly located in a mall. A place like this with a nice outdoor location would be absolutely perfect, and would probably find me there once a week for brunch or brinner. It’s nice when inside though, you don’t really feel like you’re eating in a mall.

Chairs are comfy and stylish. There are real linens on the tables… little details that add to the warm cozy feeling.

The menu is a culinary trip around the world. A glimpse into the way various cultures start their day, or at least an idea of how they’d start their day with western ingredients 😀

I went off my usual grid, ordering the Tunisian breakfast. Just sounded too good to not try. A sizzling skillet of spicy egg and sausage. Yum. Very, very good. A destination breakfast item.

Joanna had the Mexican Breakfast. A mountainous breakfast burrito with a side of guac. A faithful interpretation of the classic.

We also added a plate of grilled mushrooms. Woodsy and flavorful. A nice compliment to both breakfasts.

This isn’t a place to come in groups however. You can’t reserve tables and most of the seating is in smaller pairings. If going on the weekend for breakfast hit it early before the crowds start rolling in at 11 or you will have a while to wait to get a table.

If they eventually move out to a house slightly outside of town on along the river with ample outdoor seating… well I’ll virtually live there 😀

Wild Honey
333A Orchard Road
#03-02 Mandarin Gallery

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