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South Asian meets European at this Rochester Park Hideaway

We’d kept hearing about Krish, the newest dining experience in Rochester Park. There had been a lot of buzz about the South Asian / Indian fusion cuisine. We didn’t actually know anyone who had tried it yet but after the 3rd person asked for our opinion and if we had been yet, we decided it was high time to make the trek over to Rochester Park.

Krish is set in a cozy corner of verdant Rochester Park. Located in a restored classic Singapore black and white house, it’s both stylish and hip yet casual. The interior is filled with warm woods sharply contrasted with the crisp white linens, a dramatic chandelier and black and white photographs .Indian accents scattered about the place combined with the old world character of the house bring a slight colonial feel to the place. The menu is inventive in combining South Asian flavours with European cusinne…offering selections such from Spiced Carrot Ravioli and Tamarind Glazed Leg of Lamb to Papadum Crusted Snapper and Roasted Eggplant Samosas.

We were warmly greeted and served buttered, fried wedges of bread…which were tasty and highly addictive. My only suggestion would be that perhaps they consider serving them with a sauce or chutney for dipping to cut the heaviness.

Then we decided to start with a special, the Heirloom Tomato Salad – fresh and fully ripe red and yellow tomatoes garnished with fresh basil. Simple but perfect. Also we tried the Eggplant Samosas…solid, but probably not as special as the Heirloom Tomato Salad. And Paul was excited to start with Pork Belly appetizer. Spice crusted pork belly got Paul off to a solid start and he was excited to move on to the mains.

For the main, I opted to go vegetarian and had the Crusted Tofu atop Creamed Spinach and Mushrooms. I must confess I ordered this solely for the creamed spinach as I am addicted to this dish. Overall it was good, but a bit bland. I was surprised that they had not chosen to infuse the tofu with any sort of flavour (it seemed under-seasoned to me as well) and I was a bit disappointed with the creamed spinach as well.

Paul decided to go with the Lamb atop Sweet Potato Mash for his main. Also lured by the sweet potato side dish, Paul enjoyed his main but generally felt that after the first few interesting bites, it lacked the complexity and sophistication that would have made him savor the dish from start to finish.

Our friend Kristin decided to try the Papadum Crusted Snapper. She was a fan of the dish feeling like the peppery Padadum added an interesting texture and flavor to the delicate snapper.

Overall we really wanted to love Krish because of all the buzz we had heard. And the menu sounded amazing – after reading the articulate descriptions of the creative fusion dishes we couldn’t wait for the food to start arriving. While it managed to be fairly solid, most of the dishes were lacking the spark that sets a great dish apart from merely good dishes. We even went back for another meal on another evening to give it a second shot, but $26-45SGD for an entrée of this quality, we would have to tell you that we really didn’t see the value there.

That said, the appetizers were better than the entrees and with their weekly Quiz Nights, I could see myself going back for a cocktail and some canapes and friends. Whereas Paul says he might want to go back with more people and sample more dishes family style – turning the unique combinations of flavors into a modern Indian tapas meal.

9 Rochester Park
Telephone: +65 6779 4644

A view of the cab’s computer screen :)