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My favourite places to go for massage when in Shanghai

Massage has been a part of my self care ritual for years now. And as much as I travel and sit on planes, it’s not infrequently that I am suffering from some sort of neck pain or other such traveler’s ailment. When I am in Shanghai, I prefer to go to Green Massage or Dragonfly Massage to work this out with a traditional Chinese acupressure massage.

Both Dragonfly Massage and Green Massage are actually chains. Normally I would summarily eschew a chain spa, but these guys manage to get it right. While each is a bit different, what they do have in common are Asian style facilities including waterfalls and soothing woodwinds music that immediately tells the body to relax upon entering the spa. Further, they offer a wide range of massage services from head massage to aromatherapy oil massage to acupressure massage to foot massage and more. And while it is normally a good idea to book advance, typically you can also walk in and secure an appointment whenever the mood strikes.

I always go with the traditional Chinese acupressure massage for $35USD. I like the deep kneading pressure that melts tension from my body. And after traveling around Asia for quite sometime, I can say that in my opinion this is the best massage Asia has to offer. Less intense than Thai and not involving any stretching, yet deeper than aromatherapy oil massage which in my opinion is entirely too soft (to each his own 😉 Elbows and thumbs are relied upon to work out the knots while strong hand pressure throughout will leave one feeling like a puddle of calmness by the end.

And while it is a great value, there are lots of luxury touches like silk pajamas and the professional service to the silk slippers and ultra comfy tables that make it feel every bit an indulgence.

I do have a slight preference for Green Massage over Dragonfly. I like the lacquer cabinets and the very Chinese ambiance…and I have from time to time felt the massage can be slightly better there. But again, massage and spa is a personal experience. Try them both!

Green Massage

Dragonfly Massage

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