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We really liked out dinner at Spruce. So we were excited to see they offer brunch… and not just your normal “let’s try and do a brunch to drum up sales/get rid of old product” brunch. The menu at Spruce looked to be a proper, well-thought out brunch. All the favorites, with a slight twist… just like the great dinner entrees we’d already had. As soon as we could line up all the brunch crew, we were off to see if it lived up to our expectations.

Normally I slowly go through the meal and build up to the main point. This time, in case you get bored reading through all the various dishes and miss the finale, I’m going to start with a conclusion. The Spruce brunch does and does not live up to expectations.

The food, service, and general concept are all there. All good. Some great even. The popularity and booking procedure though keeps it from being a perfect brunch place for us. You see because they’re so popular, (deservedly so) they’re super busy. Families, groups, etc all pack it in from first serving to final serving. So if you make an early booking…. you’re eating on a time-line. For me at a brunch that’s a big no-no. Brunch is about unwinding with friends, relaxing and enjoying a lazy Sunday meal. No deadlines, no pressures. Catch up on the week, make some jokes, tell some stories. Maybe we stay as long as it takes to eat or maybe we order extra coffees and chat for hours… never know. I like having that option, not knowing that in 1 1/2 hours I’ll be needing to get up for the next group.

So that’s the only issue I have here. The food is excellent, and if you take a later booking I’m guessing this wouldn’t even be an issue… well apart from the general noise from so many happy diners, but that can’t really be avoided. In a sad twist of fate, the success that any restaurant needs to succeed is actually the thing that keeps us from enjoying this more. Others probably don’t share our leisurely Sunday plan and I would encourage those to enjoy Spruce, it deserves the attention more than some other “brunch hot spots”. Book in advance though, this brunch doesn’t seem to be losing momentum and seats are hard to get.

Back to the food. Everyone was satisfied. Pick your favorite, though it’ll be hard as you hungrily stare at the menu, and enjoy as there’s not a dud in the group.

Famous Spruce Burger for Breakfast

Spruce Breakfast Sandwich with roast potatoes

The Steak and Eggs Benny on Toasted Ciabatta with Black Pepper Hollandaise

Soft Scrambled Eggs with Basil Cured Salmon and Avruga Caviar

The Spruce Garden Brekkie

And you’ve got to try some of the breakfast pastries and cakes. The sea salt chocolate cake was incredibly rich, but incredibly tasty. Mmmmm….

320 Tanglin Road
Telephone: +65 6836 5528

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