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Faux designer bags, jewelry, clothes and more


On West Nanjing Road, the side of Nanjing with the more local stores, lies 580 West Nanjing Road. An emporium for fake bag, jewelry, clothing and more. Here you will find everything from Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Marc Jacobs bags and wallets….to Tiffany sterling silver…to Paul Smith men’s clothing and accessories…Burberry trenches and scarves….to North Face parkas. The selection is constantly changing but one thing stays the same, this is the most comprehensive assortment of top quality faux designer goods in Shanghai.

And 580 Nanjing Road might be one of the only places in Shanghai where English is spoken owing to the throngs of foreign visitors that come through its doors. So shop comfortably and don’t forget to bargain hard….never accept the first price and only pay what you think is reasonable. When all else fails, be prepared to walk away and you may find that the shopkeeper will come after you with his best price.

Happy shopping


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