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I’m not yet ready to add my voice to the heated online debate being waged over Tippling Club here in Singapore. I’ll do a full-on food review soon, but for now I’d like to focus on the drinks… because one, I don’t think we have enough drink coverage on the site and I’d like to start changing that. And two, the drinks here are damn good.

I’m not huge on mixed drinks in general… if I’m out at a regular bar with friends I’m not getting anything wilder than a Hendricks and soda or bourbon and coke (if I even venture past beer). But when I do go for a mixed drink I prefer my mixologist to be more alchemist than bartender. I don’t want a Pina Colada, I want something strange and unique. I want a challenge. And I want the thing made well.

I’m still on the fence when it comes to molecular gastronomy in regards to food. I’ve seen it work well and I’ve seen it bomb hard. With drinks I find it much more appropriate. Decorations, flourishes, accents, and surprises work well in mixed drinks in my not so humble opinion.

The team at Tippling Club is able to masterfully walk the fine line of showy and tasty. The signature drinks are spectacles and worth a trip in and of themselves. And that’s saying a lot for me as I don’t generally like heading down to Dempsey and the drinks are a bit pricey, but to me there’s still value here. It’s not a regular drinks with friends after work kind of place, more of a “I’d like to put on something a bit nicer and head out for a nice treat” kind of place.

If you like whiskey (even if you don’t) do yourself a favor and make sure at least someone at the table orders the Smokey Old Bastard. A jar of whiskey, sweet tobacco, and orange smoke. If this were available nearby and maybe 5 dollars cheaper (it’s 25 SGD) I’d start every evening off with one. It’s tasty. The last time we visited the place it was raining and we were seated indoors and I found it to be the perfect drink to sip slowly as we talked and watched the rain slide down the windows. A fancy mixed drink that maintains a level of masculinity…. could actually see my friends back in Texas ordering this one


If you want even more of a show, get the appropriately named Velvet Fog. Tanqueray Gin, champagne, Creme de Violette, and floral violet fog are mixed together in a science lab beaker and poured out on the spot. I’d almost expect safety gloves and goggles for the server with the amount of smoke that pours forth.

The drink went really well with some provided champagne infused grapes.

Once you’ve sampled a couple of the signature drinks you can move back to the old favorites. The bar is fully stocked… and I mean fully, at the time I visited it was one of the only places in Singapore with Hendricks Gin!

So if you haven’t yet ventured out to Tippling Club for drinks, give it a shot. If you have and it’s been a while I’d say go back again, they’re always trying new things and pushing themselves forward, no telling what they’ll be making now


The Tippling Club
8D Dempsey Road
6475 2217

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