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Tasty and cheap – Filipino Street Food in Singapore

Our Filipino friends, Monica and Lyan, are often part of our dining and brunch crew here in Singapore. We also lived in Bangkok together, have eaten countless meals together in Spore, traveled to Vietnam and so suffice it to say, we have similar tastes in food and travel and such. So when a passionate conversation about all things pork ensued one day over brunch, Lyan said that we must, must, must try some truly authentic Filipino pork in Singapore. It didn’t take much convincing…calendars were consulted and it was agreed that a few days later we would see what this Filipino pork was all about


Mang Kiko’s Lechon is located in Somerset Youth Park, very near to Orchard Road in Singapore. In a typical Singapore food court, Mang Kiko’s serves up some of the tastiest roast pork and chicken from a very unlikely place…an overgrown food stall serving sisig(a chopped pig’s head, snout and ears), roasted pork belly, chicken barbeque, pork knuckle and more. We actually wanted to try the sisig, but apparently this sells out early, so if you are so inclined I would recommend getting there before 8pm.

Instead we chose the roasted pork belly. This is slow roasted over an open coal fire and served with rice, lime and a sweet sauce for dipping. It was certainly among the best pork belly Paul and I have tasted – crispy and tender, juicy and flavourful and totally addictive. The serving was very generous and somehow I found myself still eating well past the point of being full 😉 And the value equation is undeniable at only S$6 / $4.30 USD. Some of our friends opted for the barbecued chicken and had exactly the same comments – moist, flavourful and crispy in all the right places. Topped off with a cool, refreshing Tiger beer and you have the makings of a seriously satisfying street food experience in Singapore.

Mang Kiko’s Lechon
Somerset Youth Park
121 Somerset Road (near Orchard Rd)

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