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My favourite thin-crust pizza in Bangkok

The first week I was in Bangkok a friend took me to Limoncello. Having just moved from New York, I was impressed by the authenticity of the thin crust pizza being served. I hadn’t expected to find this in Bangkok and frankly at the time, I thought, well I guess they must know how to do good Italian in this city. Well….yes and no. Not everything is good, but there is lots of high caliber Italian in Bangkok (Zanotti, Vino, Guisto, Vicolo 4, etc) – and it turns out Limoncello really is special. After several years in Bangkok, it remained among our top Italian food destinations.

We were in Bangkok recently and revisited our old fave which is tucked away in a sub soi on the hopping and always popular dining / nightlife street of Sukhumvit Soi 11. As you might imagine, the thing to get here is the thin crust pizza. In fact one whole side of the menu is nothing but pizza, 20+ varieties.

You really can’t go wrong with any choice of Limoncello’s wood fired pizzas, but I tend to favour the more unique varieties…the ones you don’t see everywhere like those with ricotta, eggplant, salami, artichokes, etc. As usual our pizza was perfectly crisp with a fresh tomato sauce, high quality mozzarella and imported salami and seasonal veggies. A tip for pizza lovers – do you every wonder why some pizzas are greasier than others? Well this often has to do with the quality of the cheese. A high quality mozzarella doesn’t separate easily and thus releases less oil in the cooking process vs. a low quality cheese which separates and gets oily.

Also at Limoncello is a comprehensive pasta menu authentically and competently executed. I have had the squid ink fettucini, the homemade gnocchi, the pasta Bolognese, the ravoli and many more dishes. This particular night we were feeling decadent so we decided to also share the meat lasagna. As expected, it did not disappoint – it was rich and meaty, yet also delicate and creamy in all the right places. It was all in all an absolutely flawless preparation of this classic comfort food dish.

Limoncello also has fish, meats, chicken, salads and more. But to be honest we don’t really go there for the fish 😉 But if you have a carb hater or someone with other special requirements, it’s good to know that “healthy” and other food can be had there as well. I will say this…we did order a gratinated creamed spinach with garlic side dish and it was in a word “bland.” I never met a creamed spinach I didn’t like, but this one just didn’t capture my imagination.

Some people also love the desserts there (tiramisu especially) but we never seem to have room for dessert when we visit Limoncello 😉 Limoncello is located just off of Sukhumvit Soi 11. You walk down the soi as if going to Bed Supperclub. You’ll see the following sign jutting out on your left with the BTS at your back:

Walk down this street just a little ways until you see the actual restaurant:

Pizzeria Limoncello
No. 17 Sukhumvit Soi 11
(across from Grand President Hotel)
Bangkok, Thailand
Telephone: +66 2 651 0707

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