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Hey all,
As some of you may be aware, we’ve started putting up some of the funny things we see when traveling out and about in Asia. I was recently looking through my iPhone pictures and realized I had a lot of funny pictures from signs and thought I’d throw a few of them up for your enjoyment


First off is this one. What is up with this baby???? Is this a bathroom specifically for babies with rickets?

Then you’ve got this one. Maybe it’s not that funny to others, but I get a mental image of a mom hovering her baby and it always makes me laugh a bit. Or possibly she’s throwing the baby down…

Then you’ve just got the head. Don’t really know why this person would need a bathroom. Guess floating heads need to go too sometimes…

Lastly is this one from the MRT in Singapore. I think I’m the only one that finds this funny, but I’m putting it up anyways. From top left over you’ve got crippled person, pregnant lady, lady with an amazingly cute little person in her lap, and people with beaver legs. I know, I know it’s supposed to be a bandage you say, but there’s already someone with cane up top. I think we’re really supposed to give our seats to those unfortunate passengers who have grown beaver tails for legs

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