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Hey all,
As I get closer to writing up my full Singapore burger round up, I thought I’d do a quick post with some of my favorites to date. I’m still welcoming suggestions for out of the way / smaller / not in the city center burger locations to have the full guide be as comprehensive as possible. In the meantime I give you three places that really surprised me with their burger offerings.

I’ll start with the most surprising to me. Cedele. Sure it’s a city-wide chain and the focus is on healthy food, but they have a surprisingly good burger. In fact it’s easily in my top-5 for Singapore. It’s not your regular Singa burger… and maybe that’s why I like it so much. No fancy wagyu, no crazy toppings… heck they don’t even use a real burger bun! It’s a real, handmade patty that crumbles as you bite into it. The meat is succulent and juicy. They coat whatever daily, freshly made bread you choose to encase the patty in with a bit of tomato relish that jazzes up the burger just enough.

Cedele Burger on regular daily bread