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A modern oasis of calm on bustling Petchaburi Road

I have said it before, but will say it again….I believe spa treatments are not a luxury, but rather an integral part of taking care of oneself. Not only do they promote relaxation, but depending on the treatment one has it can stimulate circulation, release knotted muscles, condition and rejuvenate the skin, reduce local muscle and joint inflammation and more… To that end, there is no shortage of spas in Bangkok, but my experience is there are a lot of places in Bangkok where massage are spa treatments are offered where the aestheticians are not so skilled and perhaps not appropriately trained. This is why word of mouth counts for everything in Bangkok and why we would like to tell you about the Sivara Spa.

Sivara Spa is located in an unlikely place, the Amari Watergate Hotel on Petchaburi (right across from Platinum Fashion Mall). While the hotel itself is a bit dated, tucked away by the pool area, Sivara is a modern oasis repleat with elegant water features and a cool grey color palate that oozes relaxation.

When we visited both Paul and I enjoyed a scrub and 1 hour massage. Our aestheticians helped us select the best treatment for each of us. Paul chose the herbal salt scrub and Balinese massage while I chose the lotus scrub and Body Balancing Massage.

There are a variety of scrubs available and your therapist will help you choose