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Hey all,
I am a HUGE sushi fan. I’ve made my pilgrimage to the sushi mecca (Tsukiji fish market) and returned a changed man. I’m deeper in love with sushi… to the detriment of my ability to enjoy budget buffet grade sushi. But I recently found out I’ve been eating it all wrong. That’s right, I’ll admit to it. I followed the pack when eating sushi, and the pack has been spreading a modern approach to sushi that might possibly be as offensive as eating with your feet on the table in Thailand. I found a great visual guide to sushi etiquette. Check it out after the jump.

This graphic from blog Clusterflock illustrates better sushi manners. Did you know not to mix wasabi in the soy sauce? Or that you eat sushi fish side down? Or that you can eat with your hands?  Well now you do.


How many times have I snapped my chopsticks apart and started rubbing off splinters? I’ve certainly dunked the rice in the soy. I wonder if Japanese diners at nearby tables watched in horror as I ate… or if they’re used to seeing this sort of thing by now. It’s kind of how I feel seeing northeastern US folks eating fried chicken with a fork and knife 😀

Of course etiquette is also about group behavior. If you’re dining with a group of westerners and everyone starts their meal by preparing their soy sauce… don’t be a douche that guy in the moment. Maybe wait till everyone is enjoying their sushi and then drop a little wisdom on them. At the end of the day, most of us will never truly be sushi aficionados or eating it in a fancy, traditional restaurant in Japan.

So enjoy it how you will… but know that most of how we’ve been eating is wrong



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