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Hey all,
Found this article from the other day and was impressed by the sheer originality in some of what’s going on. The list does seem to be pretty USA centric however with the editors struggling to balance the east and west coast. It’d be nice to see not only more middle states represented in future additions, but also some world people as I’m sure there are unique things going on that’ll shape the food industry outside the USA.

Our first annual awards, presenting a baker’s dozen of provocateurs, trendsetters, and rabble-rousers

I particularly like the butcher featured and butcher movement as a whole. I would love to travel pub to pub with a whole hog… butchering it on spot and hosting a good ol fashioned pig up pickin’.

The Chow 13

Wonderful illustrations by Nathan Fox, Yuko Shimizu, Frank Stockton, and Eamo!

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