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Transplanted from the younger, more modern, and hipper Siam Square, It’s Happened to be a Closet brings its kitschy style and cozy cafe environment to the luxury malls of Bangkok. Can something so artsy, design oriented, and in your face work in a mall littered with high-end shops like Prada, Hermes, Gucci, etc?

I’d say yes.

When rounding the corner on the second floor of Emporium Shopping Center, IHTBAC immediately stands out amongst the international clothing stores normally found on the floor. The black exterior cafe front juts out into the pathway of the mall… combined with the accent colors and mismatched chairs, the store / cafe stands as a complete 180 of the normal clean, glass fronted shops found in the mall.


The store portion features varied designs from simple and basic to truly out there with prices ranging similarly. IHTBAC manages to keep the same slightly claustrophobic / mad-collector feel of the larger Siam Square space (down to the TV’s blasting musicals). Neither Joanna or myself have done too much rooting through the clothing… however cool it might be, the sizes are all Asian.

Since we couldn’t shop we plopped down out front on our last return trip to Bangkok and tried the food. The menu was varied and featured different ingredients and preparation styles. There’s a section with meats for grilling which looks promising, but we went for the more refined dishes. An example of some of the dishes on offer was the snow fish. It was not as amazing as the snow fish at Giusto, but I didn’t have a hard time cleaning the plate



IHTBAC is a welcome addition to Emporium to me. The food is good and it gives a different vibe to the otherwise slightly stuffy shopping center. Best of all is the opportunities for people watching. If you can snag a tabble outside in the mall you can sip a coffee and watch as clueless tourists rub elbows with high society Thais.


It’s Happend to be a Closet
Emporium Department Store 2nd Floor
Bangkok, Thailand

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