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Thai food favourites in a lovely and classic Thai setting overlooking the Erawan shrine

I discovered the Erawan Tea Room when a Thai friend suggested it. I had been in Thailand about 3 months and was still feeling my way around, everything was new to me. And over the months some places fell away as I discovered favourites and others, like the classic Erawan Tea House, stayed in my repertoire for as long as I was in Bangkok. And now it is one of my favourite places to visit when I return, particularly as a place to take visitors as it embodies that classic and elegant Thai style that is so distinctive…yet somehow fading in Bangkok as more international trendy, mod options proliferate.


On the 2nd floor of the Erawan Mall, a haven for high fashion boutique shoppers, sits the Erawan Tea House. Traditional Thai foods and refreshing Thai teas and other local drinks (think lemongrass and fresh fruit juices), are served in quiet elegance. It is a perfect lunchtime place for a business lunch, lunch with friends, a tea break when shopping and of course, as I mentioned its classic style lends itself perfectly as a destination for visitors. (menu and service is in Thai and English)


It’s not the cheapest Thai food… I mean for sure you could eat on the street for 60-80 THB ($1.50 – 2.50 USD / S$ 2.50 – 3.50), but it’s well priced considering the rich and luxurious environment featuring Thai teak furniture and sumptuous Thai silk pillows. The servers wear traditional Thai dress and the overall ambiance oozes Thai hospitality and refinement. Entrees are 190 – 360THB ($5.50 – 11 USD / S$ 8 – 15), but I would recommend the tasting menu for 500THB ($15 USD / S$ 21) per person where you can pick from 7 dishes on the extensive menu. Or try the high tea with desserts for 100-140 THB ($3 – 4USD / S$ 4 – 6).


All the foods are lovely and well executed…we always order out Thai favourites like Penang Curry, Som Tum Thai (green papaya salad), Green Curry and fried Morning Glory (a kind of green vegetable resembling a sort of stemmy, weedy spinach).  There really isn’t a menu highlight or conversely a watch-out per se. I have also enjoyed the large river prawns, the whole steamed Thai fish and all the wonderful desserts. So order without fear, everything will be delicious.


Be sure to get a seat by the window, overlooking bustling downtown Bangkok and the Erawan shrine. And after your lunch, stop off at the Erawan shrine to see one of the few remaining Hindu temples in downtown Bangkok. A shrine to the arts, there are often Thai dancing troupes performing multiple times of day to pay honour at the shrine.


Erawan Tea Room at the Grand Hyatt
take BTS to Chidlom station

Erawan Mall, 2nd floor
Ploenchit Road
Bangkok, Thailand

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