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I’ve eaten a lot of burgers in my short time in Singapore. I’ve eaten 100% wagyu burgers (not worth it) in trendy Dempsey Hill restaurants, gourmet cheese topped burgers in fancy 5-star hotels, sliders at wine events, and just about everything in between. Now I can add monstrously large, giant mushroom topped burger from a poolside canteen to that list


I was researching best burgers in Singapore online one Friday. I started seeing a lot of articles about a place called Sunshine Cafe. I found the phone number and called for a reservation… for some reason I was thinking it was some new Dempsey Hill hipster place. It’s not.

Finding the restaurant was a bit of an odyssey. Our “comfort cab” driver explored various parts of Singapore on our dime while trying to locate the restaurant. Eventually we were able to figure out that it wasn’t a separate restaurant near the apartment complex, it was actually a part of the complex. We hopped out of the cab and followed the sounds of kids splashing about to locate the pool.

Sunshine Cafe is… well let’s just say people don’t drive here for the ambiance. It’s tucked back in the apartment compound right next to the pool. They’ve more or less re-purposed what might have at some time been a snack stand or small convenience store. It looks like a canteen at summer camp.

Yup, this is Sunshine Cafe!

Yup, this is Sunshine Cafe!