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People are never on the fence about Bubble Tea. They either love it or hate it. Usually those that have a distaste for mixing textures don’t appreciate the gummy tapioca balls surprising them during a sip of Thai tea. For those of us that love bubble tea, there’s no greater sight than seeing your neighborhood bubble tea guy stopped on the side of the street as you’re heading back to the office after a lunch break. My personal favorite variety of bubble tea is the ice slushy/frozen version found on the streets of Bangkok. The tea is sold by nomadic vendors pushing stainless steel carts around the city. They have a standard path they push every day, but where they’ll be at any given time depends on a combination of business, traffic, and how they feel. Maybe a lunch rush today near the first intersection held him up… so you won’t see him near your office during your lunch break today. Or maybe the school group didn’t stop by today and so he shows up 2 hours early.


Bubble Tea Cart Side View