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It was only a matter of time before our Sunday brunch group broke from the main island and ventured over to the Disneyland-like island of Sentosa. I was apprehensive at first. The island is almost too planned and organized, meaning there’s little to be found or discovered. Plus with the cost of rent on the island I’m sure there’s never going to be an undiscovered hole in the wall serving up great food at amazing prices. We decided to set aside our cynical nature and answer one question – could we find good value on the island (factoring in extra travel costs, entrance to island fees, etc)? Surprisingly we did.

Braise was a bit hard to find… or maybe that was just our horrible Comfort Cab driver (don’t get me started on these guys lately). After driving around for 45 minutes or so and actually calling the restaurant 3 different times we managed to be dropped off near the restaurant and had to walk about 5 minutes in the rain to the restaurant. To be perfectly honest this had set me back and I worried if the restaurant could possibly please at this point.

Braise shares it’s location with Silkroad and is located on the second floor. We stepped inside to find a simple, modern space. The architecture featured walls of glass with tables and benches in white, giving an open, bright feeling to the dining area.



As I looked over the menu my spirits began to lift a bit. Braise offers a combo buffet / meal. The menu is divided up into courses with the first course of Entrees all you can eat. Dishes off the Entree menu varied and came out in large portions for the table to share. Dishes included a lovely Caesar Salad (lots of crispy bacon here surprised me… I’m normally not a Caesar Salad fan).


Pan Fried Crab Cakes with Curry Aioli


Spanish Olive and Parma Ham


Soup of the Day


Charmoula Squid


Crispy Soft Shell Crab with Orange-Ginger Dressing. This dish was a slight miss. The soft shell crab wasn’t crispy… probably had been waiting to come out for a bit and was a bit mushy in texture (not in a good soft shell crab way).


And a Pan Seared Foie Gras with Carmalized Banana and Chocolate Sauce (you only get one of these, which is honestly enough as the banana combined with the foie gras is actually a bit heavy and rich together and lacks anything acidic to cut the fattiness of the foie gras).


Once you’ve decided you’ve had your fill of the Entrees, you move on to either Eggs or Pancakes. You can choose to have your eggs done in a number of styles including Benedict, Scrambled, Fried, or Crispy with Sausage, Bacon, or Cured Salmon. The sides actually come out for all to share and enjoy and are again refillable.


Everyone who ordered pancakes had theirs come out a bit burned. To be fair, they didn’t taste as burned as they look in these photos and were actually quite light and fresh tasting… with just a hint of char.


After breakfast its time to move on to the mains. There’s a nice selection of dishes going from seafood to beef, though nothing for vegetarians. Those at the table who ordered the Sauteed Black Pepper Slipper Lobster with Angel Hair all seemed to enjoy their dish more than anyone else.


The Roast of the Day that day was a Wagyu steak. I was excited to eat it until it came out. I like medium rare to rare steaks but this one came out looking a bit odd and had an almost tartar like texture. It was decent, but not what it could have been.


There was also an Oven-Baked Codfish with Tapenade Crust & Mustard Beurre Blanc


Duck Leg Confit with Gratin Potato & Orange Sauce


As if all that food wasn’t enough, after the Mains it’s time for desserts. There are standard dessert fairs including a lovely Chocolate Lava Cake with Coffee Ice Cream.


Classic Tiramisu


and a nice change of pace with a Cheese Selection from a Trolley. Careful, this isn’t a playing it safe cheese menu and features some truly stinky cheeses (to the delight of Dutch friend).


All of this totals out at only 68++ per person if you’re opting only for mixed drinks and juices. For 118++ you can make it a boozy brunch with a free flow of Diebolt Vallois Champagne. It was a great Sunday brunch, despite our initial troubles finding the spot and longer than normal travel times coming to the island. It was a joy to sit and dine, watching Singaporeans frolic on the beach or playing net ball. The staff was courteous and attentive without being overbearing, allowing us to dine at a leisurely pace. I’d recommend it as a brunch destination, particularly with larger groups.


60 Palawan Beach Walk
Level 2 Sentosa, Singapore, Singapore
+65 6271 1929

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