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Our normal breakfast group was a bit thin this week… which was unfortunate for those who couldn’t make it because it was a highly enjoyable meal / experience. Sunday brunch at Graze is something we’ll be returning to enjoy soon.

Graze is located way out (for us) in the Rochester Park area of Singapore. The drive doesn’t take that long and you’re rewarded with a peaceful and serene outdoor dining area. I called ahead to make reservations earlier in the week (recommended) and was given a choice of outdoor or indoor seating. I asked the hostess which she thought was better and she suggested outdoor. I’m glad she did as it’s very pleasant outside (it’s covered so don’t worry about rain interruptions).


We’ve been to a few brunch spots and I’ve had difficulty with the menus because sometimes nothing really sounds good to me at the time. Graze was different in that I wanted just about everything on the menu. Unfortunately there were only four of us so we were limited a bit in our sampling of the menu.

We started with very smooth and creamy cappuccinos and complimentary toast (come before 12 to order breakfast / brunch).


I led the way with my usual – a burger. I have a soft spot for fried eggs on burgers so couldn’t pass this one up (sadly no pineapple). The meat was good, but fell apart a bit…something I don’t actually mind so much as I can at least be assured it’s not a pre-fab patty :).


Joe also picked his usual, Eggs Benedict. They’re offered two ways – Classic or Salmon with Smoked Spinach. Joe’s a classic guy and his tastes were rewarded with this selection. Among the best he’s had in Singapore so far.


Kalpana went a bit off the path of the tried and true breakfast assortment, selecting the Avocado and Tomato on Grain Toast with Olive Oil and Rocket Salad. The Avocado came in amazing, large, green chunks…would love to have a guacamole from this place.


She also ordered the Eggs on Request and asked them to be filled with chillis. The dish tasted good, but looked a bit odd in presentation.


Joanna went all in, ordering the Cast Iron Pan – Bratworst, Smoked Bacon, Mushroom, Tomato, Country Potato, Fried Egg, Baked Beans, and Plum Chili Salsa. It was a sight to behold, but unfortunately suffered slightly from the pan. Obviously not all the dishes are cooked to order in the pan, but once dropped some can get a little over-browned / pver-cooked on the bottom.


We should have ordered the Dessert Sampler as so many of them sounded great, but instead ordered separately. Joe and I both went for the chocolate creme brulee with honeycomb ice cream. It was super rich with a dense pudding texture …. not a creme brulee, but good



Joanna ordered the Green Apple, Roasted Pinneapple, and Sour Cherry Crumble with Bourbon Vanilla Bean Ice Cream. It was good, but the ice cream didn’t taste like Vanilla Bean Ice Cream and was very close to the “honeycomb” ice cream.


All in all Graze is a highly recommended brunch spot for us. I could see Epicurious being a more visited location for us, with Graze being more of a special treat kind of place (prices are a bit higher). The setting is perfect for a comfy Sunday afternoon, lazily enjoying a hearty breakfast. Service can be a bit slow, so come prepared for that and you’ll enjoy your time there.

Also of note is the Sunday BBQ. Starting at noon you can order off a special Sunday BBQ menu that looks amazing. We will definitely be going back to try this out. The mashed potatoes, corn on cob, and meat dishes coming out of the kitchen to the late comers looked incredible….so look for that review soon.

Anyone else have an experience with Graze?


Address 4 Rochester Park
Open Sun 9.30am-3pm Tue-Sun 6.30pm-1am
Telephone 6775 9000

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