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So maybe all the meals weren’t adventurous while in Tokyo. Sometimes one simply needs junk comfort food… particularly one that’s been missed for over seven years! So yes, we broke down and chowed down at Krispy Kreme in Shibuya, Tokyo Japan.

I missed the whole Krispy Kreme movement due to growing up in “rural” Abilene, TX. Krispy Kreme Doughnuts were only ever something eaten slightly stale…sold rarely on early morning weekends in church parking lots when a youth group needed to raise money for a ski trip. Years later I stopped by a location once while living in Dallas, Texas and marveled at a melt-in-your-mouth fresh doughnut.


Cut to a few years later. We’ve been walking around Tokyo all day in the rain. We’re hungry, tired, in need of coffee. We round the corner to stop off at a local coffee shop and see a passing Japanese person briskly walking off with a Krispy Kreme logo’d bag. The possibility was too enticing to ignore.

We walked a bit in the direction of the female carrying the bag, and our eyes slowly began to make out the glow of green, red, and white. Our pace quickened and soon we were shaking off our umbrellas and staring in amazement at a fully operational, production line Krispy Kreme. This was a moment of weakness on a long trip, but oddly we were the only foreigners in the restaurant… the rest were all slightly pudgy Japanese people (well pudgy by Japanese standards 😉 ).

The line to order doughnuts was long, but our patience was rewarded with a steaming, hot sample fresh from the line. It vanished from my hands in a matter of seconds… a couple spots of white glaze stuck to the corner of my mouth the last signs the doughnut had ever existed.


I won’t say how many we ate, but I will say none topped the original. Sadly the fancier versions lacked the freshness of the plain ole original. Some were even sickly sweet, but thankfully I had smartly not sugared my coffee before eating and so enjoyed the duel between bitterness of the coffee and the saccharine sweetness of the doughnut.


Soon we were back out in the rain, but with extra energy (and probably an extra pound or two). Krispy Kreme may not be the most regionally specific thing to eat whilst in Japan… but that doesn’t make the doughnuts any harder to swallow.


Krispy Kreme Japan


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