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Bespoke fashion clothing and suiting for bargain prices

No trip to Shanghai would be complete without a trip to the Fabric Market, also known as the Shanghai South Bund Soft-Spinning Material Market. For gals and guys alike this expansive, multi-floor market is a paradise for any size, style or type clothing. Larger size expats often shop here out of necessity, ordering everything from jogging pants to Ermenegildo Zegna suits (in Asia an American woman’s size 10 is considered plus size). Whether you choose from the designs on offer or bring your latest issue of Vogue magazine, anything can be made. It is almost overwhelming –Armani wools, Chinese silks and an endless array of design options…. I personally find myself a little giddy over the seemingly endless options.


  • Go see “Mr. Chanel” at Chanel Style stall No. 271 on the 2nd floor. Myself and my friend Lara have both bought here, and everything always turns out perfect and always fits.
  • Shu Xiao Jie at stall No 262 on the 2nd floor does lovely dresses and coats. I bought a silk color-blocked dress that inspires compliments with every wear. Lara bought a stunningly accurate Max Mara winter wool coat, a Burberry-inspired trench and a couple of brightly coloured silk dresses.
  • At Wu Mei Shu No 193 on the 1st floor there is a dizzying array of silks. I am now the proud owner of 2 silk party dresses and a breezy, colourful skirt that makes me smile every time I put it on.
  • At Chinese Style Dress Shop 1F No 145 Paul bought an absolutely gorgeous winter coat – a classic cashmere 3/4 length in a rich looking chocolate colour with immaculate detailing on the inside….at 1/10th of what it would have cost in the US. He’s now wishing we didn’t live in Singapore, so he could wear it all the time 😉
  • At Kenny Yang’s Shop 3F No. 333, you’ll find a good variety of modern Chinese silk prints as well as artificial fur. The artificial fur sounds a bit odd, but he had some lovely sofa cushions and throw blankets that were irresistably snuggly. I ended up buying 2 gorgeous and festive silk tops (one looks like a classic Pucci pattern) which I plan to wear out for cocktails on Friday and Saturday nights as well as a classic silk dress in a to-die-for deep midnight blue.


  • Browse thoroughly before diving into a store – there’s no worse feeling that spending your budget and then stumbling upon something on your way out that you wish you’d seen sooner.
  • Be prepared to haggle – it is not only acceptable but it is expected. But really though at about $40USD a dress, the risk of dissatisfaction is quite low and what is another +/- $5 USD either way.
  • Leave enough time to go back for a fitting. Sometimes things are just right, but just as often they are not and adjustments are required.

Shanghai South Bund Soft-Spinning Material Market
No 399 LuJiaBang Road
Shanghai, China

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