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A couple years back I met with a group of guys every Sunday for breakfast. We’d pick a different spot around town (usually Irish Pubs) every week. After our first visit here, the Dubliner became the standard for all the other Irish breakfasts around town… and soon we quit trying out new places and made it our regular spot.

It’s not that the Dubliner is the best breakfast food in town (there are more traditional options and more lavish options) it’s just a great value. Food is cooked well and there’s a lot of it, for around 200++ THB for the “mini” breakfast. There’s really nothing mini about it, and for some reason I find it necessary to add hash browns (more like tater tots here than what I grew up eating) to the mix for an extra 30 baht. Some of the guys in our “breakfast club” would piece together their own plates of food for about the same price as the fixed mini breakfast, which is a good option if you don’t want sausage or mushrooms.


There’s really not much else to say. It’s a no frills breakfast that fills you up… a perfect greasy breakfast after a late Saturday night out. The Dubliner is also famous around town for it’s quiz night, performances by Lee Shamrock, burgers, and more… but that’s another post all together

I’d say the Dubliner is one of the best value breakfasts in town.


The Dubliner Irish Pub
440 Sukhumvit Rd,
(Washington Square, Soi 22)
Bangkok, Thailand
Tel: +66 2204 1841/2

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