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A must do! (and coincidentally, maybe the best value in Hong Kong)

There is simply no more fun and easy way to see Hong Kong’s dual skylines than to take the iconic Star Ferry across Victoria Harbour. No matter if I am staying in Tsim Sha Tsui or in Central, I make it a point to do this on every single trip.


While it certainly is a tourist attraction, don’t worry, you won’t feel like a foreigner on parade In fact, since 1888 the ferry’s main users have been locals as there is no faster way or more economical way to cross from Hong Kong side to Kowloon side. This may be the best bargain in town at only – $2.30HKD.


My favourite time of day to take the ferry is at sunset. I like to take it Friday’s after work and head over to Salon De Ning at the Peninsula hotel, followed by dinner at Hutong. There’s something very festive and romantic, depending on your company ;), about city lights, water breezes, luxe cocktails and spicy food…

Ferry tips:

  • Take a sunset for the best photos
  • Don’t forget your camera (see point 1!)
  • Ferries stop at 11pm, so if festive turns into a late night, you’ll have to taxi home
  • If you have never done the trip before, don’t worry, just follow the throngs of locals and watch where they pay / board / exit


Star Ferry
Hong Kong
Telephone: + 852 2367 7065

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