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Best vegetarian in Singapore?

It’s hard to answer that question as this is still the only strictly vegetarian restaurant we’ve dined at in Singapore
But according to Time Out Singapore, Original Sin was 2008’s Best Vegetarian Restaurant.

Original Sin is located in one of our favorite areas of Singapore – Chip Bee Gardens on Jalan Merah Saga, Holland Village.

The restaurant has a relaxing outdoor seating area in a lush, garden area. Inside the restaurant is equally charming with decoration that is colorful but not overwhelming.

The menu is more or less meditaranean fare. The ingredients are high quality and the chefs prepare the food with a high level of precision.

I’ve enjoyed the Daily Special Pumpkin Risotto on both my visits. The Risotto is creamy and the pumpkin is perfectly cooked. I’m scared to order anything else here as I worry it won’t be as good and I’ll be disapointed



On our last visit to Original Sin we tried the Mezza Platter. It was a win across the board… hummus was great, pita was fresh, and all the flavors worked really well together. They have a larger size meant for two and I’d turn up just to share this as a meal.


We asked our server for the restaurant’s “signature dish” and she recommended the skewers. Unfortunately they weren’t as flavorful as we thought they could have been and were a bit dry. They were OK, but not great. On our last visit Joanna and Allexia both ordered this and were enviously eyeing my Pumpkin Risotto through the meal 😉


All in all Original Sin is a great restaurant. It’s comfy and not stuffy…just a relaxing meal on a really nice street. It’s a perfect lunch or dinner spot when visiting the Merah Saga area and a must visit for any veggie food lovers in Singapore.


Original Sin
43 Jalan Merah Saga
#01-62 Chip Bee Gardens
Telephone: +65 6475 5605

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