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A simple Italian restaurant in a quiet alleyway saves the night!

Be careful with printed guidebooks, dear readers. The Luxe guidebooks (they are usuably reliable) led us to a certain area of Hong Kong looking for a particular seafood restaurant. After searching back and forth, back and forth near the alledged location we were finally informed that the restaurant had been closed for a while.

At this point it was nearly 10 p.m. and we were beginning to get hungry and grumpy

So we quickly surveyed our options. We wanted a blog worthy meal, but weren’t sure of the reputation of any of the nearby restaurants. We noticed a small Italian restaurant in a downward sloping alley on Wyndham Street. (Quick word of caution, don’t wear heels if venturing down this road as it’s sharply angled and cobblestone which could equal a quickly injured ankle if not careful). Amazingly there were still a solid amount of customers dining and arriving to dine… I don’t know about Hong Kong, but in Singapore that’s a really good sign.

We took our seats in the back of the restaurant and were quickly handed menus. We ordered wine and it also came quickly…so glad the service was quick as we were hungry and ready to eat

The servers were also light and not stuffy at all…hamming it up for the camera and teasing us about the identity of “Mrs Jones”.


I went for the Prawn Risotto (105 HKD). The risotto was nicely cooked with a good texture, but the overall dish suffered a bit from over seasoning. The consistency of the rice was right on and the fish inside was perfectly cooked, so I can imagine the kitchen executing the dish perfectly on a different night.


Joanna went with the Pumpkin Ravioli (85 HKD). I should have also ordered this dish…a beautifully made ravioli filled with pumpkin and mascarporne with sage butter.


For dessert I went with the Panna Cotta. It was much better than the version of this I had at Vino. Flavors were delicate, but present.


Joanna had the Limoncello Semifreddo with Glazed Strawberries. Flavor was good, but was a bit too frozen. There was nothing “semi” with this dessert, it was fully freddo 😀


Overall we were quite happy with the meal despite the minor item listed above. The ambiance was pleasant, service was good, and the restaurant had a positive energy. We arrived hungry, tired of searching, and a bit grumpy from everyone’s misdirections and left satisfied and upbeat.


Mrs. Jones
Harilela House
79 Wyndham Street
Hong Kong


Made it through the whole article without the obligatory reference to the song!


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