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If you’re in the Chinatown, Central Business District, or Quay area in Singapore and are looking for a healthy lunch option be sure to check out Lite Bites Cafe.I discovered this great little cafe…well because it’s really close to where I live

. It’s above my gym and a short walk from my house in the China Square Central building.


Lite Bites Cafe is a samll cafe on the ground floor. There are a few tables and it’s only open for the business lunch rush in the area (a shame as sometimes I would love one of their sandwiches for dinner). I’ve enjoyed most of the sandwiches on offer, three of the soups, and a couple salads.

They currently run a special promo – if you order a sandwich and either a soup or half portion salad you get a free, fresh latte or coffee. So for around 10-15 SGD you have a full lunch meal with coffee…. a great value.

Normally there’s a rotating soup of the day. I’ve really enjoyed the minestrone, but my favorite is the Pumpkin Soup. I never look at the salad options when they’re serving this soup. It’s a tiny bit spicy and not too thick. All the soups are served with a freshly baked piece of bread for dipping.

Sandwiches range from classics like BLT’s and tuna salads to more interesting combos. I really enjoyed the meatloaf and beet sandwich. They don’t serve mayonnaise here and so they substitute unique sauces and other flavors to add a healthier dimension to the sandwich. I’ve yet to have a sandwich that tastes “healthy” if you know what I mean… there’s nothing drab, boring or overloaded with sprouts

Joanna went with the Quinoa patty on her last visit and thought it was inventive and tasty. The owner, Andrew, suggested she eat it in a pita, saying it was their most popular creation.

Sandwiches are made fresh and to order. You can look over the ingredients before ordering as well.

Also check out their snacks when checking out…they try to put the fruit out and in your face, but with those walnut and chocolate cookies calling to me from the background I find it hard to order a pear 😉

Our only wish is that they had more of these around the city. It’s a great lunch option for me, but there’s nothing similar near Joanna’s office. It’s a shame that there aren’t more fresh, healthy options like this readily available. Places that make lunch good for you, but more importanly (to me) good tasting.

Lite Bites Cafe
18 Cross Street #01-06 China Square Central
Phone: 6536 3466

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