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Consultation for bespoke clothing

After meeting Carol at Cayen and discovering I could have custom-made clothing that would actual fit my 5’ 10” (177cm) Western frame, I scheduled a consultation. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect after being rushed through tailor stores in Bangkok and asked to pick from magazine photos (which by the way seemed to be from a 1993 issue of Vogue). But I had a feeling from my initial conversation with Carol that things would be different at Cayen – and they were.

I intentionally wore one of my favourite casual outfits which turned out to be a smart thing to do as we took inspiration from the shapes and colours. We discussed different styles and looked at samples in the store. Then we went through reams and reams of fabric…basically just going through all the various types and textures to see what attracted me. We discussed how I’ve never really liked floral prints and tend to go for more abstract and graphic prints. Carol deftly by-passed the pastels after gauging my lukewarm reaction and then I admitted that in spite of my more reserved and elegant style, I still enjoy a bit of metallic shimmer from time to time. Not a bit phased by my contradictory and idiosyncratic likes and dislikes, Carol assured me she “got it” and that I should cone back in a week’s time to see the results of their design for me.


A week later I turned up again on Cayen’s doorstep and sat on Carol’s sofa to review what they had in mind for me. It all felt rather luxurious really…awaiting a team of designers suggested portfolio that I had commissioned. I was impressed by how carefully they had listened – there were the classic shapes and cuts that I always select for myself but with new twists. And some of the fabrics that I remembered eyeing had now come to life on the page – an exotic black and white print turned up in a sexy day-to-evening dress, a stunning turquoise crushed silk on one of their signature zip-front top designs, and more. It was a little overwhelming – first imagining all the items and how they might be in their final form and then finally selecting a few pieces to commission. In the end I chose 5 pieces…I was thinking about 4, but there was a discount for a quantity of 5


I left heady with the rush of new clothes, bespoke luxury and the promise of unique items that would not only be exactly to my specifications but also fit my figure exactly. I could get used to this!

Click here for Part 3 – the fittings and end result of the process.

54A Club Street
Singapore, 069431
Telephone: + 65 6227 6187

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