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Inventive seafood in an intimate rooftop setting overlooking Chinatown

From Breeze’s perch atop Ann Siang Hill, one can see Singapore’s low-lying Chinatown area full of conservation shop houses, pagodas and mosques. The view was why we first came, but every time we have been to Breeze, we have been equally impressed by both the view and the food.

And our latest visit was no different. A couple of friends were visiting from London and we wanted to show them a bit of our neighbourhood and enjoy a nice dinner. And since Shane and Nicole had gotten a babysitter (for the first time in a very long time) we thought they might enjoy the kind of chic sophistication that is not always accessible with a toddler in tow.


Starting with a couple of beers and cocktails….we perused the menu. It is a testament to the appeal of the dishes that we had difficulty deciding what to order. We ended up starting with the Breeze Platter ($38 SGD) – which consisted of a sampler of the chef’s recommendations including portabella pizzettes, tuna bruschetta, blue mussels in a spicy coconut lemongrass broth and ‘fruits from the garden’ salad (a surprisingly odd yet tasty combination of salad greens, orange sections, strawberries and apples). The mussels were stunning – they were so good we started fighting over the last ones! “I had 2, how many have you had? Oh 3 you say, well then I guess this one is mine” 😉


I opted for the Morroccan Beef Skewers ($36 SGD) which was a single skewer marinated in lemongrass, garam masala and seared with a Madeira sauce. They were in a word – perfection. Perfectly cooked, perfectly seasoned, perfectly delicious.


Paul got his perennial favourite, the Spring Chicken ($26 SGD), grilled sumac spiced boneless spring chicken served with thyme jus. This is a simple but truly special dish in that the simplicity allows the individual flavours to shine.


Shane got the Seafood Casserole ($30 SGD) which maybe doesn’t sound so special but was in fact a rather exotic mix of braised seafood with paw paw and jalapeno, roasted in a scampi broth. An abundant presentation of seafood, Shane had a little trouble finishing, so we all pitched in to help…maybe he was sorry he offered after we picked every last shell clean of seafood.


Nicole had what also sounded like a simple dish, the Seafood and Avocado salad ($22 SGD). A medley of seafood, avocado, pomegranate and crabmeat tossed in prawn roe mayo on a bed of lettuce. As Shane pointed out…it was a combination of perfect bites due to the irresistible combination of ingredients …for example, there was the succulence of a clam combined with the pop of pomegranate seeds. Yum!

As much as we love the Beef Skewers and Spring Chicken, Paul and I both agree, the thing to do here is take advantage of the seafood and the inventive combinations the chef creates – both bold and delicate flavours that somehow enhance the seafood while still letting its own fresh taste shine through.

Living about 2 blocks from the Scarlet Hotel, we like to take advantage of it whenever we can. But even if you are not close by, it is a real destination dining experience – whether you are a long-time resident who wants to venture out and try something new or if you are a first time Singapore visitor, you will have a wonderful meal that stimulates both the palate and the eyes at Breeze at the Scarlet Hotel.


Breeze at the Scarlet Hotel
33 Erskine Road
Singapore 069333
Telephone: +65 6511 3333

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